French copyright has certain peculiarities with respect to any other legal system in the world. As a rule, French copyright law very much favours the author of the work.


In France, copyrights arise whenever a "work" is achieved, without the need for registration. The concept of "work" is very broad. It includes in particular industrial creations and designs. All designs, whether registered or not, are protected by copyrights; these copyrights will survive the expiration of the design registration. As a consequence, it should not be assumed that designs the registration of which has expired can be freely used by anybody. This leads to considerably legal uncertainty, due to the absence of a copyright registry that could be inspected by the public.


Furthermore, the assignment and license of copyrights need to be drafted very carefully. 


IXAS CONSEIL advises its clients on all legal aspect in relation with copyrights and similar rights, in particular:


  • Copyrights of industrial creations and design.
  • Copyrights of ornamental design.
  • French, German and European Union copyright law.
  • Registration of copyrights, where applicable (in relation with foreign associates.
  • Software and database protection.
  • Copyrights in field of fashion.
  • Infringement seizures, customs seizure.
  • Preparation and coordination of litigation.