IXAS CONSEIL provides a complete offer of services, including:


  • Prior art search and patentability studies.atent watch.
  • Drafting of patent applicationa (in English, French or German).
  • Filing of patent applications (directly in France, Germany, U.K., at EPO and WIPO; in other jurisdictions through its network of foreign associates).
  • Patent prosecution.
  • Administrative and technical management of patents files, portfolio management, monitoring and payment of renewal fees.
  • Defense of industrial property rights:
    • Legal analysis of infringment.
    • Warning letters, cease-and-desist letters.
    • Settlement of conflicts, negotiations, mediation.
    • Coordination and assistance in case of court trial and arbitration (together with attorneys-at-law).
  • Freedom-to-operate (right-to-us) studies.
  • Analysis of the scope of protection and legal stength of third party rights.
  • Post-grant proceedings: opposition, limitation.
  • Financial estimation of the value of a patent, patent portfolio por technology (in case of merger, licensing, technology transfer).