Our approach

IXAS CONSEIL - your "one stop shop" for France, Germany and Europe.


The future of any industrial firm is dependant upon its creativity, its ability to innovate and to save sophisticated, evolving needs of global markets. Nowadays there is no growth without innovation.


Development costs are so high that an early knowledge of the future freedom to operate and early assessment of real market opportunities have become imperative before deciding to allocate major resources.


Intellectual Property Rights are powerful tools in support of strategic development. This requires both legal and strategic thinking, as well as a deep technical understanding of the products and production processes involved. Tougher international competition reinforces the need to address these issues early.


Innovation raises complex legal issues: obtaining the most efficient protection at a reasonable price, creating economic value through IP rights and knowhow, avoiding to infringe third party IP rights, resolving conflicts related to IP rights in the most efficient way - that is our core business!


For clients from overseas the European Intellectual Property landscape is rather difficult to understand: the interplay and coexistence between European and national IP rights (patents, trademarks, designs), the interplay and coexistence between European law regulating European IP rights and national law, and the harmonized and non harmonized areas of procedural law in Europe are a nightmare for many foreign companies and legal practitioners. Knowledgeable, reliable and realistic legal advice is needed here, bearing in mind the strategic targets of the client. 


IXAS CONSEIL provides representation and legal counseling before French (INPI), German (DPMA) and European (EPO, EUIPO) Intellectual Property offices. For other juridictions IXAS CONSEIL uses its network of reliable and efficient IP law firms and attorneys-at-law that has been built up and maintained over two decades.