Our technical skills

The technical skills of our consultants allow IXAS Conseil to be a competent partner in the following technical fields:


1) Chemistry - Materials Science - Life Sciences


  • Inorganic and organic chemistry, polymer, catalysis, chemical engineering
  • Plastics, elastomers, transformation and recycling of polymers
  • Paints, varnish, lacquers, adhesifs
  • Industrial minerals, minerals processing, charges, nanocharges, ceramics
  • Extractive metallurgy, casthouse technology, alloys, transformation of metals
  • Paper, textile
  • Biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, genetics, biotechnology, microbiology, cosmetics


2) Physics and mechanical engineering


  • Mechanical engineering, mechanical devices and machinery, electromechanics, mecatronics, robotics
  • Engines, pumps, indstrial reactors, industrial process control
  • Vacuum technology, thin film deposition, surface treatment, plasma technology, microelectronic processing
  • Optics and acoustics
  • Production, conversion and storage of energy
  • Heating and air conditioning, thermodynamic devices
  • Batteries, photovoltaic energy.


3) Electrotechnics – Electronics


  • Electrotechnical devices, lighing devices, electrical engines
  • Detectors and actuators, optoelectronics
  • Wireless communication devices and systems, radar systems, radiofrequency technologies.