Our Missions

Patents (protection of technical innovations): Prior art search, patentability studies, drafting and filing of patent applications, follow-up of examination and grant proceedings; post-grant proceedi,gs (opposition).


Trademarks (protection of distinctive signs): availability search (trademark clearance search), filing of trademark applications, monitoring of third party trademarks.


Designs (protection of ornamental creations): Filing of design application. 


Copyright (protection of artistic creations): Legal advice, filing of applicatins in certain jurisdictions.


Legal Opinions: In all areas of intellectual property law, including unfair competition law. Infringement studies, freedom to operate studies.


Contracts: Negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts related to Intellectual Property: R & D agreements, confidentiality agreements (NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement), cooperation (including contracts for French or European consortium), technology transfer, assignment, license, know-how, franchise, etc.


Litigation (defense or enforcement of industrial property rights): Formal notice, infringement, opposition, appeal, negotiation, mediation, arbitration.


Audits: Audit of "due diligence", organizational audit in R & D and intellectual property, financial evaluation of industrial property rights and technology portfolios.


Strategy Consulting: Protection and enhancement of innovation, technology transfer.


Our clients are individual inventors, start-ups, established SMEs, large companies (national or multinational, some publicly traded), public research organizations. Most of them are based in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, U.S.A., U.A.E.

We never mention their name because outmost discretion is an essential part of our culture.